Reflections on the third anniversary of my son's death...

Stephen Devereux Vernon
Christine Vernon

Regina Sayer Mourns the Loss of Her Beloved Sister, Vikki

Ovarian cancer, a stealth killer, takes a treasured life from two women and their family

Christine Vernon
Pedro Arrupe, SJ

Falling in Love With God by Pedro Aruppe, S.J.

Meditation from the Inspirational Life of Pedro Aruppe, S.J.

Christine Vernon
The Drs. Ubogy and Dowell

Lending Hands in Haiti

The Drs. Ubogy and Dowell

Christine Vernon

My First Grandchild Arrives

A part in “Miracle Making”

Anita Banas
What matters?

Thinking from the End

What Really Matters?

Gilles Gagnon
The 14th Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama Made Honorary Citizen of Paris

Excerpt from His Holiness' Comments Relating to Mothers and Health and All Citizens

Christine Vernon

Nature ROCKS!

Instilling Love and Appreciation for Nature & Reinventing Education and Fun for Children & Adults