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Overcoming Obstacles

Dorothy Weiss


I saw a turtle crossing the road as I was driving home from a visit to my doctor recently.  The turtle was in the direct path of my car.

I took my foot off the accelerator of my car, slowed down, swerved slightly and drove around the turtle.

As I resumed my speed, I glanced into the rear-view mirror; the cars behind me were doing the same thing to avoid hitting the turtle. There were no collisons, no screeching of brakes, no screaming angry outbursts from anyone.

After passing this little creature, the traffic flowed smoothly; all cars resumed speed and continued on to their respective destinations.

I found myself comparing this turtle crossing incident to other moments in my life.

An obstacle or problem is just something temporarily in my way. If I make a minor or major adjustment, a change of pace or direction, consider and try other options, I can create solutions allowing me to continue safely on my way minimizing harm to myself, and to others.

A little turtle, intent on achieving its goal, crossing a road to get to a grassy embankment by the river,  gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on how to face the more difficult challenges of life.

Dorothy Weiss has been published in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper, CAPPERS magazine, Angelanimals Book series and a variety of anthologies and inspirational publications. Goose-River Anthology 2009 to be released into major book stores at Christmas time includes one of her stories. In addition, she writes book, music, film reviews for local publications in Orlando and online at and

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