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February 2010 sounds so futuristic

Christine Vernon

1 Year Anniversary!!! 2009-2010

Spring, and May in particular, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing times of the year with creation and re-creation going on around us. Growth and renewal fit perfectly with the atmosphere here at Women''s International News as we increase our work and staff. May marks our one year anniversary. During that time, we have posted a wide array of topics, including three stories reported exclusively here first.

The story about Midge Hough was our first exclusive. Midge lost her daughter-in-law and unborn granddaughter in July 2009 because they lacked health insurance. She and her husband, Dan, have worked unceasingly to bring meaning to the life and loss of their daughter-in-law, Jennifer Fritz, and her unborn child, by raising awareness of the problems that come with an health care system unavailable and unaffordable to all. We are in admiration of their tireless work to promote good health care for all.

Our second exclusive was the World Championship of Horseshoe Pitching in Springfield, IL. This was in stark contrast to the seriousness of health care issues but it was a salute to an All-American sport and the people who love it. The great thing about horseshoe pitching, its popularity and revival, at this time in our country''s history, is that it is such an affordable sport.

All month we will be adding new content, including an article involving the foremost researcher and authority on fat disorders in the United States, Karen Herbst, Ph.D. M.D, recognized as the leading authority on the subject and an organization which founded around her work and advocacy - (FDRS) Fat Disorders Research Society, Inc. Dr. Herbst is respected as a competent, compassionate and effective advocate for the countless people, victims of diseases and syndromes who seek her counsel and support. The FDRS has been founded by a talented group of women working to bring aid and understanding to people affected by these rare disorders.

We will be adding content. If you check back you will find some fascinating stories. Regina Sayer has written an account of the death of her beloved sister, Vicki, from ovarian cancer. We have the paintings of Erika Gerber Halter, who had a gallery show in Lookout Mountain Tennessee this Spring, to show you and a bio written by her. There is a brief interview with Israeli born actress Meital Dohan. The blog of two young women, students, Erika Johnson and Hannah White, Francophile Travels is there in all its amazing photographic glory, artists proof of the amazing talent of two young women writer/artists. We hope you enjoy these new postings.

Christine Vernon

Christine Vernon is the founder and editor of Women's International News.